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Sinn Replica launched a limited edition special timekeeper to mark its sponsorship of the renowned Italian soccer club Juventus. The Big Bang watch is in the colors and design of the Old Lady, as the club is called. It is black and white to match the uniforms of the team. This ceramic watch has all the features you need, as its column-wheel Unico automatic movement was designed to measure intervals of 45 minutes, which is the length of half a football match. The central chrono hands are retrograde.

Sinn Replica has been heavily involved in sport, and specifically soccer. It sponsors some of the biggest clubs and international competitions. The Swiss brand created a timepiece that was used as the official timekeeper for the World Cup held in Brazil. We have written previously about this timekeeper. The new piece was based on the original model, and it replicates all of its features while being clearly adapted for the new purpose.

The Sinn Replica Big Bang Unico BiRetrograde Juventus is a watch that is focused on measuring a soccer match. Its chronograph is at the center of the dial while the hours and minutes have been moved to an off-center display. The retrograde stopwatch scale is located in the upper part of the dial.IWC Portofino Replica Watches The 45-minute mark is clearly visible, and the wearer can also keep track of any overtime or stoppage times during the two halves.

The Bi-Retrograde portion of the name refers the fact that this retrograde scale acts as the path for both hands for seconds and minutes. To make the piece easier to read, the hands are different in length and color and correspond to the different parts of scale. (The minutes hand is furthermore made with a bright yellow tip, to make it easy to distinguish between them.) The dial has an aperture in the upper part that shows the current half of the match.(www.apreplicas.me)

The HUB1261 mechanical self-winding movement, which is manufactured in watchmakers' workshops, enables the innovative functions of the timepiece. The column wheel chronograph operates at a frequency of 4Hz and can store power for 72 hours, which is a full day more than standard automatic movements.

This timepiece is housed in a 45mm diameter round housing. The black ceramic is treated with satin and polished finishes. The structure also includes a bezel that is fixed and secured by six screws. The bezel, made from carbon fiber, has a checkered pattern. The sapphire glass is surrounded by a glareproof treatment. The back side of the housing has a satin-finished ceramic finish and is dominated by a large sapphire with an anti-reflective treatment on the inside. The case's backside features the Juventus logo and inscriptions indicating the exact position of the watch within the limited series.

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