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The famous Swiss watchmaker Franck Muller Rplica Watches has made a surprising management change. It appointed Riccardo Marina as its new CEO just two years after Bruno Meier, the former chief executive of the company, had led the company.

The world's largest manufacturer of luxury watches said that Marini was previously the Franck Muller Rplica Watches Italy. Virginie Chevailler, the spokeswoman for Franck Muller replica watches Italia, did not give any details about this unexpected decision.

The board decided to update the corporate structure to prepare for the future, cope with the growth in emerging markets and continue to develop the brand dynamically.

Meier is the new CEO of Franck Muller Rplica Watches, having succeeded Patrick Heiniger who was in charge for 16 years. The Hans Wilsdorf Foundation, which controls the Swiss company, has not revealed any financial information. However some analysts estimate that Franck Muller Rplica Watches's sales in 2010 were 4.4 billion Swiss Francs ($5.1billion). Franck Muller Rplica Watches achieved great results after the economic crisis. This was due to the increased demand for luxury watches in emerging market.(Omega Replica Watches)

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